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Typically, before events are performed for Data Validation, as methods are triggered even before List events are fired and Share Point updates the Content Database.All the Before Events are synchronous events which are executed in the same thread that a triggering action occurs.Specifically the issue occurs when: of your event receiver is that it’s going to do something in Share Point!Perhaps you need to create, update or delete an item somewhere, or perform some other action related to sites, users or data in Share Point. Before we dig into the “Why it happens” and “The workaround” sections, it’s worth reminding ourselves of some aspects of remote code and authentication in particular.Following member of SPItem Event Properties is usefull when you are writing code in Event Handler * After Properties * After Url * Before Properties * Before Url * List Item * User Display Name * User Login Name * Web Url * Open Web() All these properties are usefull but we need to know which is the best place to use thes.

By creating them, you can respond effectively to Share Point lists and list items.

Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) got in touch with me to say that he and the Share Point engineering team had been doing some testing around this, and that whilst the "app-only" workaround I discuss below does indeed work, it's actually only necessary under certain conditions.

It turns out that the problem I describe in this article ONLY occurs if the event receiver is NOT registered *using app authentication*, e.g. If the RER is registered using *user authentication*, e.g.

In this post we’ll look at some best practices in working with them.

Event Receivers, Before Events & After Events the Item is actually added or updated to the Share Point List.

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