Liquidating distribution or dividend

As a result, you will not know the purchase or redemption price at the time you submit your purchase order or redemption request.

The price at which your purchase is executed could be higher than our NAV per share at the time you submit your purchase order, and the price at which your redemption is executed could be lower than our NAV per share at the time you submit your redemption request.

These distributions are, at least in part, one form of a return of capital. You will receive Form 1099-DIV from the corporation showing you the amount of the liquidating distribution in box 8 or 9. After the basis of your stock has been reduced to zero, you must report the liquidating distribution as a capital gain.The purchase and redemption prices for our shares will be determined at the end of each business day based upon the NAV for such class and will not be based on any established trading price.Each accepted purchase order and redemption request will be executed at a price equal to our NAV per share for the class of shares being purchased or redeemed, next determined after the purchase order or redemption request is received in good order and processed (subject to commissions for the purchase of Class A shares and, subject to limited exceptions, a 2% discount for the redemption of shares held less than 365 days).Whether you report the gain as a long-term or short-term capital gain depends on how long you have held the stock.The net asset value per share is shown as of the close of business on the date specified.

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