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It is the open-endedness of it that gets to some viewers.

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Context: I'm creating some tree graph plotting software and testing it by using multi-digit random numbers (so each digit becomes a node in the tree).The random number generator I've been using - which is the one that comes with the GNU C compiler - gives me a nice spread of values.That's good, but I want to see how the table looks when the numbers clump together and are less homogenous.If we look solely at the June 2009 numbers, the scale of the XKCD peak is even clearer: Google search traffic for “Voynich” apparently spiked by more than 50x over baseline traffic levels. I think it’s important to point out that neither side is entirely blameless in this dispute.Wikipedia editors deliberately use its neutral voice and juxtaposing header templates as a way of fusing (achingly) high and (shudderingly) low cultural references together under a banner of supposed universality: though this syncretism helps to differentiate it (as a project) from traditional encyclopaedias, nobody involved is it is they collectively feel the urge to stitch XKCD’s web of cultural referentiality into Wikipedia’s fabric.

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