Sls hookup site

Our favourite Mercedes tuner, the unbeatable Brabus, has finally unveiled their versions of the new SLS AMG and S 600.

Engine specs have not been finalized for the SLS AMG, though a double digit horsepower increase is expected.

With a street art feel, intermixed with the latest LED tech and all the bells, whistles and subwoofers you’d expect in an upscale club, Foxtail is fitting in nicely with SLS’ already impressive nightlife events .

It stands out as the exceptional spot reserved for single nights and special events.

The core stage, towering more than 200ft (61 metres) tall with a diameter of 27.6 feet (8.4 metres), will carry cryogenic liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen that will feed the vehicle's four RS-25 engines.The primary goal of SLS and the Orion spacecraft is to launch future crewed, deep space missions.That said, an added bonus of this powerful rocket is the extra science it can carry.It features a multimedia system bristling with gadgetry and an Internet hookup, controlled via a pair of i Pads, while an i Pod Touch stores 14,000 songs for the stereo.Brabus is also launching a special app for the i Pad and i Phone to go along.

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