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If you are a single parent who has been through a death or divorce, as you ponder how your life has changed, here are three points to chew on.

Humble yourself enough to admit that you are changed.

And everyone has strong emotions and opinions about who is involved and what the outcome might be. This article shares with you a number of dating best practices for single parents and the singles who date them.

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(Imagine: Pull out a red cape and put the S on my chest; que superhero theme music). We yearn to find the perfect roadmap that will lead us to our happily ever after, whether imagined or not. A potential suitor telling me he has three children will get a side eye from me as well and a note of reluctance.Mix/stir well, pour into the bowl of life and we have what can only be defined as an adventure of discovery.This dish requires me to filter through the meaningless “get to know you” chatter, while simultaneously attempting to cultivate some worthwhile relationship in this “revolving door of a world I live in”.Real recovery does not transport you back to being the person you were before the tragedy; it incorporates who you were with who you have had to become.Be open to discovering this and integrating these various parts of you. As I've written in each of my other books, children never recover from the death of a parent or parental divorce.

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