Vampire knight dating sim game

You have black hair with a little bit of blue and red highlights, zebra print shirt and black jean shorts and red boots and long earring.

This better not be another one of your trying to find me a boyfriend tricks!!!! You look like rebel you don't show your nice side.

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This is going to be only a little bit like the manga and the anime! Name: Yuki Cross Favorite Color: Red Favorite Food: Parfait Favorite Music: K-POP Friends: Zero-Kiryu, Yori, Kaname Job/Duty: Cross Academy Guardian or Perfect Home: Cross Academy Roommate(s): Yori Family: Kaien Cross or father School: Cross Academy START!!!!

He has tricks for you to fall in love, if he doesn't he works on his Academy.

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The whole purpose of the game is to get the girls almost naked.

I haven't quite figured out how to get the HP thing working, so it not there yet. Naruto Dating Sim is another great freeware game from Softendo. Online dating is not for everyone so get the facts.

A truly interesting game especially for Naruto fans but not only. Get all the information you need to determine if this is a good solution for you.

In this expansion, the Sims can leave for a walk, have dinner, do a festival, have an appointment, enjoy a bowling alley or go to the music store.

Also, they will have their own cars, which they can choose among various types and will serve them to go to any of the places named and also to work.

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