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Confusion continues over the 0 million Downtown arena project after a judge's latest ruling that it cannot be built specific to sports in any way.

Opponents say the City "hid the ball" on the ballot, taking advice from a sports consultant not to mention the word "sports." Read More » The New Mexico State Land Office is going after a West Texas county after it was learned that loads of dirt, sand and gravel were disappearing from a parcel of state trust land along the border.

Their specialty is technical writing, but Carter said their interest in the online dating world led to the L. “We were surprised to find out that the height metric was something very important to a lot of women,” Carter says. Once you finally choose who you want to speak to, you send an intro that’s 140 characters that conveys your personality.

“(People would say) I don’t know if they’re talking to 500 other people when they talk to me. The LOV app analyzes what you say, what your friends say, your bio, and it comes up with suggestions for a love match.

According to the site, "As the group began to grow, people would suggest even more ways to group, by personal preference, or sexual orientation, etc." And thus, Bernie Singles was created."We are just a couple of Bernie supporters who thought it would be pretty dank for us to have a place to meet and connect with other supporters," the founders wrote — and currently, there are 1,525 members (and counting) who agree.

It's not clear if any couples have met through the site just yet, but if Bernie Singles fulfills its promise, its users may reap the benefits suggested by the site's tagline: "The 1% aren't the only ones getting screwed this election season."Well, that's one way to keep energy levels up through the primaries.

In addition, Lee says, Siren “gives people the chance to discover the individual beyond the profile,” by way of open-ended daily questions and phone-video challenges (such as, find something chartreuse and tell us about it)—the quick, genuine responses to which create a real-time portrait, rather than a static archive of traits.

Socially oriented, the app also welcomes “matchmakers,” who can recommend good men to women and give advice to men.

And since divides over politics can be a deal breaker in a relationship, Sanders proponents naturally decided to make their own dating site: Bernie Singles, a place where daters can "meet other people who understand the world."So who's on the site?For some of those women, they questioned his interest because they just didn’t understand.It took several years before he came back to the idea and started building the site.Though Siren is a game-changer in the online dating world, some tactics remain tried and true. He and his business partner, another software engineer, met at a singles convention and discovered a mutual interest in online dating. The app will ask you for preferences – do you like people who are tall, who don’t smoke, who are a certain religion? “It scrolls vertically; we stepped away from swiping left or swiping right.

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