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Okotoks RCMP say a youth has been arrested after staff at Holy Trinity Academy received a complaint that threats had been made to commit an act of violence at the school. this morning, Okotoks RCMP were notified that a teen from the community made a post on social media that suggested they were planning a violent act at Holy Trinity Academy.RCMP quickly found the person who made the threat and staff notified parents that the school would be closed for the day.Lockdown procedures were put in place for the students who had already arrived at the school. RCMP say they are continuing to investigate and that no other people are being sought in relation to the threat. I'm fairly new to this site, but have been "out"since I was in my teens. Not bicurious, not looking for something my husband can watch. We are monogomish/open, and both are open to having relationships with others. Half of my relationships in my life have been with women, but I ended up marrying a ( fantastic, open minded, loving) man. I am getting to that age where I enjoy home time and especially bedtime.

Mounties say the girls, ranging in age from 13 to 16, were recruited by social media by High River resident Samantha Pedersen, 23.And partially because the later the season goes, the more likely players will have to start returning to their college/university teams."Last season, we lost six or eight players at this time," said Dawgs coach Dave Robb.The other is all-star Zach Hanna, who is off to the University of Missouri.With nearly a full roster in tact, including their pitchers, the buzz is big — once again — for the post-season at Seaman Stadium.

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