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Despite the horrifying abuse laid out in an 83-page report in May 2013, the visit was never publicised and the files were reduced to a four-page summary, which was quietly published on the islands’ government websites.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) could now face accusations of a cover-up in the same month it emerged a dossier detailing explosive claims of a paedophile ring within Westminster had gone missing.

Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion supporting officials who refused to grant marriage licenses in defiance of the Obergefell ruling.

In one or more counties, local officials or judges refused to marry same-sex couples on religious grounds.

As of June 22, 2016, Irion County is the only holdout in Texas.

It is one of the only counties in the country that refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the others being in Alabama.

Troy Brown, who resigned his seat in February after he was twice convicted in a four-month period of committing simple battery on his girlfriend and later, misdemeanor domestic abuse battery of his wife.

Helena Moreno succeeds in her latest attempt to update the state’s domestic violence law, she may very well have to thank a wife-beater for overcoming the gun lobby’s lock on the Louisiana Legislature.

Earlier this year legislators were up to their necks in a drama of their own making when Troy Brown refused to leave the state Senate simply because he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors: beating up his girlfriend, then a few months later biting his wife. 16, a few days before what promised to be an embarrassing Senate expulsion hearing.

The officer complained about a loophole in the state's domestic abuse battery statute that the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence has for years wanted fixed: domestic violence laws only apply to couples who are married, live together or have children together.

"Even though the young man committed a very dangerous and very lethal behavior," explained the coalition's interim director, Mariah Stidham Wineski, the officer couldn't charge the boyfriend with a crime that carries enhanced penalties for strangulation -- a known predictor of future lethal force in domestic situations -- because the law did not recognize the act as domestic abuse.

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