Is peter andre dating elen

Peter found himself in the dance-off for the first time after coming bottom on the leaderboard, but was saved by judges.

Peter Andre has landed his first Hollywood film role – and it’s a “damn big part”.

Peter, now 42, was brought up as one of six siblings in a family of Greek Cypriot origins with parents who have been married for nearly 60 years.

The father-of-three has since dismissed the comment about his 9-year-old's future celibacy as 'a joke', but I seem to have missed the punchline.

Written by the forefathers of patriarchal society, such throwaway comments are far from harmless.

"Peter became very close to him and his family and his relationship with Emily developed from there," a source told the Peter Andre and Emily Macdonagh started dating in July 2012 Her dad Ruaraidh Mac Donagh operated on Peter who had been due to appear at the Plymouth Pavilions when he got sick.

Never one to let his fans down, the entertainer went back to perform at the venue where he was introduced to Emily. A willowy brunette, with brains as well as beauty, she was keen to follow her father into medicine and was studying at Bristol University.

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