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Richard Andrews, 41, who was a lieutenant in the con, stuffed folders in the oven so officers would not discover the bogus identity documents in his possession. David Barclay, 41, was jailed for two and a half years and Megan Smith, 47, for 13 months, while Paul Bridger, 60, received a ten-month prison term suspended for 12 months with 60 hours of unpaid work, after they all admitted taking part in the scam.An MMA fighter's cockiness proved his downfall when he tried to make fun of his opponent by dancing like Muhammad Ali - and ended up unconscious.More than 200 images of Bridger trying out different expressions were unearthed when police raided his offices.At the offices of another gang leader, David Tunnicliffe, 38, officers found four bogus passports and 26 driving licences all bearing his photograph.Everybody knows the pressure of a first date: Searching for that perfect outfit. Dissecting each detail when it's over to check for mistakes.Dating can make even the most confident person lose his cool.The mugshots were used to create dozens of fake passports and driving licences which enabled the men to open accounts in false names.Once they’d successfully applied for loans and overdrafts, they simply pocketed the cash and disappeared.

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Led by Eugène Dubois, the excavation team uncovered a tooth, a skullcap, and a thighbone at Trinil on the banks of the Solo River in East Java.Other fossils found in the first half of the twentieth century in Java at Sangiran and Mojokerto, all older than those found by Dubois, are also considered part of the species Homo erectus.Estimated to be between 700,000 and 1,000,000 years old, at the time of their discovery the fossils of Java Man were the oldest hominin fossils ever found.Some dismissed the fossils as apes and others as modern humans, whereas many scientists considered Java Man as a primitive side branch of evolution not related to modern humans at all.In the 1930s Dubois made the claim that Pithecanthropus was built like a "giant gibbon", a much misinterpreted attempt by Dubois to prove that it was the "missing link".

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