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Just look at your friends: what a wonderfully diverse group of liberal, cool, opinionated, engaged, open-minded, creative, talented, attractive people! These quirky dating events will help you overcome those initial awkward encounters by providing both alcoholic lubrication and an easy opening gambit.

The problem with dating in London isn't that there aren't lots of beautiful people out there, it's that we're incapable of talking to each other without some common ground, or a belly full of booze.

Nourish your Soul with the Spiral Walk Meditation Nourish Your Mind with Holistic Education And there is always time to play!

Check Out Moinhos Velhos UVc_G2t Zg Tm P8 LONDON EVENTS - AD HOC WORKSHOPS WHICH MIGHT APPEAR: Couples Yoga Finding shared activities are the life blood of a happy relationship.

Ten women and ten men turned up for a pilot event in Dalston, east London, on Monday for an hour-long session that saw participants manoeuvre their way through yoga-based movements designed to forge intimacy.

One required them to stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes.

We will always have differences with our partners and lovers but finding things that connect you together are PRICELESS You get chance to find new ways of connecting with your partner and learn some super fun partner yoga, connection and intimacy exercises you can also use at home.

Meditation and the Body-Mind Connection So have you ever wondered what meditation is all about?

Killing Kittens This is not a site for cat murderers but a clandestine community for liaisons with attractive people in beautiful surroundings.

Sober dating yoga seems rather daunting – perhaps drunk dating yoga might work better.

I start the class with a gentle warm-up, trying not to feel self-conscious. Dressed in a bright orange outfit, complete with trendy stubble, he is welcoming and super-friendly. The stretching and balancing moves are challenging but still easy enough for a novice like me to try without feeling silly.

I don’t know about you but the thought of getting up close and personal with a room full of stretching, sweaty men doesn’t exactly fill me with joy.

So I am nervous as I arrive at a gathering of singles to try a yoga dating class in Dalston, east London.

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