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Afeni and her lovers Lumumba and Billy Garland were Black Panthers.

Tupac’s stepfather Mutulu Shakur, a black revolutionary, was sentenced in 1988 to sixty years in prison for conspiracy to commit armed robbery and murder…and attempting to break Tupac’s aunt, Assata Shakur, out of prison, where she was sent in 1977 after being convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper.

As he walks away, Tom is possessed by Stinkmeaner who then yells, " What did you say, nigga?!?!?

", and as the man turned around, he insulted the possessed Tom again and he then maniacally harangues the man, dropkicks him in the chest, and continues to verbally assault him before Tom regains control and attempts to help the man who is utterly traumatized.

has apparently been getting some public displays of affection from at least THREE rappers.

First (of course), there’s her ex Safaree Samuels who’s trolling her with posts like this…

Telling John that he was a sight for sore eyes because he learned some heartbreaking news about the late Charlie Murphy.Chappelle paid homage to Murphy at John Mayer’s concert by sharing that everyone in comedy was hurting.Dave Chappelle honored his friend and Chappelle Show cast member Charlie Murphy while making a surprise appearance at a John Mayer concert in Columbus, Ohio Wednesday.Drawing on opinions from those who knew Pac almost his whole life (his mom, Jada Pinkett, Leila Steinberg, Big Syke) to those who barely knew him, but loved him anyway (Mos-Def, Talib Kweli, Al Sharpton) and even some who were very critical of him, even now. “If the mother is central to black life, she is also made a scapegoat for the social disintegration of black culture,” Dyson writes, referring to the idea of the “welfare queen” made popular during the Reagan/Bush years.Being critical of 2Pac is a major part of the book, along with understanding him. After discussing the obstacles many black women have to hurdle, especially revolutionaries, Dyson asks, “What kind of relationship did Tupac have with his mother, and how did it shape his life and career?

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