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film out of it), though at times it certainly seemed otherwise.

Murder rates have risen in many large American cities, and a series of horrific mass shootings put everyone on edge.

We have a new governor–David Ige–and the state Legislature is about to go into session.

Since Democrats run everything, we should expect pro-environmental actions across the board, right? Not long after Senate President Donna Mercado Kim muses publicly about eliminating the state Land Use Commission, Gov.

Mike White took over as chairperson of the County Council. Wait, what’s this: the Maui Police Commission has started meeting outside of the heavily fortified Wailuku Police Station, which requires members of the public to show ID at the front desk and get escorted to the meeting?

She wants to learn more about science and felt as if he was not valuing her scientific ability. I didn't think anything when the first bird sat on the telephone wire.

In Girl Meets Texas (Part 3) Farkle was the one to realize that Riley was lying to everyone about her feelings and that she doesn't think of Lucas as a brother figure. There is no situation where I wouldn't want that for you. Riley's opinion on Farkle: Despite Farkle having had romantic feelings for Riley, Riley doesn't feel the same way and only considers him a close friend.

Riley then makes tells him not say anything and he agrees but states that he will tell Lucas how she really feels if she doesn't come clean to everyone about her feelings sooner or later. Riley: By relegating me to a second class marble dropper you are stopping me from realizing my full potential. Riley: Farkle if you were my friend you would want me to get better. Riley is shown to really care about Farkle and tries to be there when he need helps. Please keep in mind that some of these are not entirely Riarkle, some include other ships as well.

Farkle and Riley is the friendship/romantic pairing of Farkle Minkus and Riley Matthews. Farkle has had a crush on Riley since first grade, but she doesn't feel the same way and only considers him a close friend.

In Girl Meets the Truth, Riley and Farkle shared their first kiss and although he mostly kissed her chin, they said it still counts. Farke's opinion on Riley: Farkle has loved Riley since the first grade.

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