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When the second form opens, the text-box is always empty ! '================================================= ==== With Me.

I've tried: -setting it by code in the first form: [Forms]!

Users will be able to type data into the text boxes.

Labels are added beside the text boxes, to describe what users should enter into the text box In this example, a parts inventory is stored on a hidden worksheet.

Value -setting the default value of the second form's text-box: =[Forms]! [List0]You could pass it to a public variable if the form references are not working. Value" Then on the On Open event of the next form, do this: Item = s Value I think what may also be the problem is that when you use . The only combination I've found that works has all the code in the first form (form2, which opens form3 when the list box is double clicked). Open Form "form3" '================================================= ==== ' Set the textbox on the new form to the item to be edited '================================================= ==== [Forms]!

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When saving the file in Excel 2007 or later, save as a macro-enable file type. At present i am only able to add new line at the bottom of the work sheet rather than edit the displayed row. We can update Excel worksheet records with User Form using appropriately coded command buttons. Add buttons to the User Form Add Code to the Buttons Add Lists to Combo Boxes Test the User Form Create a button to open the User Form Create a Pivot Table Create a button to view the Pivot Table Finish the workbook See also, Basic Excel User Form To create a User Form requires some programming, and you can see the steps in the videos shown below. For the written instructions, look below the videos.

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