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Go to Application Manager (this may be listed as Manage Applications on older versions)5.

If this doesn't work for any reason, please contact the Grindr team via a support request and we will get your issue resolved as soon as we possibly can.

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"So for me, it's actually acted as a cock funnel and I got more after putting it on my profile than I did before," he says.What happens when guys on Grindr come out as HIV-positive?They get a range of reactions from thirsty fellow cock hounds. A handful of men who include "poz" in their list of Grindr Tribes discussed the challenges it presents, why they did it and how guys react to it on the cruising app.In particular, the court said Herrick’s “failure to warn” claim was premised on Grindr’s alleged refusal to ban users from the platform, which is a traditional publisher function covered under the statute.The court’s reasoning appears to depart from the U. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit’s ruling in Doe v.

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