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With the recent release of Tower Heist, we decided to take a look at all the requisite elements of a proper heist film. Some of them will be in retirement, some will have gone straight, and others will only be involved in minor crimes which are not paying the bills, but since this is a really big score, they’re interested.

The Ragtag Crew - The first part of any respectable heist film should be spent assembling a crew of acutely skilled misfits.

Qualls tweeted that he was “beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no reason.” According to Qualls’ feed, he was leaving a local cafe when he saw a man punch a woman.

Gino Bartali, captain of the Italian team, threatened and assaulted by some French supporters accusing him to have caused Jean Robic's fall on the Col d'Aspin, retired after winning the 12th stage from Pau to Saint-Gaudens and left the race together with all the other Italian riders (including Fiorenzo Magni, who was wearing the yellow jersey).

The lead transferred to Swiss cyclist Ferdinand Kübler, who was able to keep the lead until the end of the race.

Bristol and her sister Willow have posted homophobic remarks on Facebook.

Apparently in Wasilla you can hate homosexuals, and still be considered a good Christian.

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