Dating site add url

Here's an overview of the lists and their data sources.This list contains mainly general spam sites (pills, dating, etc).If you prefer not to allow a Web site to know where you were before visiting it, especially if you were on a local, secure, or restricted site, uncheck this option to disable it.Note, however, that some sites depend on referrer logging internally.Blocksi is web URL and content filtering application adding professional web filtering functionality to the Firefox browser.Supports 79 Web Categories and database with 76 million rated web sites, and more then 20 billion rated Web pages.Some Web sites register the site that referred you to them.This information can be used to tailor content based on the site that you came from.

It also took over my homepage in Chrome and IE, but it was easy to fix those.It just keeps bringing up this stupid Russian Web site. It does seem similar to the problem addressed in this article, but I'm using Windows 8.1, so it's not a simple shortcut that I can edit. I know you've checked several of these things before, but if you wouldn't mind taking a second look: (1) Start with the Windows Control Panel, Uninstall a Program.I've tried looking for it in about:config but don't see anything there. After the list loads, click the "Installed on" column heading to group the infections, I mean, additions, by date.Administration is supported with the Blocksi-Manager application.This application is available on Google application marketplace and can be used as central configuration and filter settings repository.

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