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Can also be used for conferences and presentation recording, school plays or concert recording or even as a classroom projector mount.The adapter's ball-head allows for independent pan and tilt with 360 degree pan movement and 180 degree tilt.Unfortunately, in adding so many new ideas, Guitar Hero Live threw out one of the most important old ones: letting players choose their own songs.New Guitar The series' famous guitar controller has gotten a design update, though it's not necessarily for the best.

It even adds a really interesting music video feature where you could play an endless stream of music.

Roscoe/b3 Guitars is a high end guitar and bass manufacture located in Greensboro, NC that manufactures a variety of instruments that can range in price from ,500 to well over ,000.

Guitar construction uses a wide variety of raw materials from various woods, shell materials, plastics to metal parts.

The same look, the same feel, the same songs, and even the same instruments.

Activision and Free Style Games' new Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero Live, on the other hand, is a huge departure from past games, yet it still holds true to the plastic guitar idea.

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