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I think part of what I like about acting is that certainly you accumulate more tools over the years and you have more tools in your toolbox.

But hopefully different roles and different worlds in which those roles exist call upon you to fashion new tools.

In Miami, the orphan Dexter is raised by detective Harry Morgan, who discovers that his foster son has the urge to kill.

Harry directs the impulse of the boy to kill bad people, teaching him how to operate without leaving any trace. I love the Cuban food and pork sandwhiches, my favorite. See more » After gaining critical praise but little international fame with bold shows like Queer as Folk and the prematurely terminated Huff, Showtime has finally imposed itself as a cable channel to rival HBO with its bravest project yet, an unconventional take on the cop series, inspired by a novel by Jeff Lindsay.

After Harry's death, Dexter works in the forensic department of the Miami Police Department, where his step sister, Debra, works in the Vice and Narcotics Unit. Then again, the success of Dexter shouldn't come as a surprise, considering many important people working on the show are HBO veterans, like series creator James Manos Jr.

Subsequent seasons evolved independently of Lindsay's works.

After executing a pedophile and a rapist (who have killed their victims), Dexter investigates an intriguing serial killer that drains the blood and freezes the severed bodies of his victims. Hall (Six Feet Under), Lauren Velez, Erik King, David Zayas (all of whom appeared on Oz) and James Remar (Sex and the City).

When Dexter goes to the the cover page has a warning which says "You must be 21 to enter", and a warning at the bottom of the same page stating "This site contains extreme material. Hall is the show's star, Dexter Morgan, a most peculiar man: the first we see of him is one hell of an opening scene where he states "Tonight's the night" before kidnapping a businessman and dismembering him on the grounds that he raped and killed three boys. Not exactly: Dexter has had homicidal urges since he was a child, and the only person who noticed this was his stepfather Harry (Remar).

The great American mystery writer Rex Stout wrote dozens of novels and nearly 40 short stories between 19 that feature the fictional detective genius Nero Wolfe and his ‘legman’ Goodwin.

Most – narrated by Goodwin – are set in New York City where Wolfe lives in a luxury brownstone building.

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