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As a result, his will is structured in such a way as to set up a dogfight between his potential heirs as to who will collect his fortune.

This old theatrical warhorse gets another outing in what is (to date) the only colour version of a classic play.

Ruth received her Bachelor’s Degree from Humboldt State University in the field of Botany.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to our Education Department with her experience as a former art director and school teacher.

While riding his cycle to the next gig, an irate ... the family seat of the Lebanons, is a house of terror to Ilsa Crane, secretary and niece of Lady Lebanon.

The strange behavior of two sinister butlers, Gilder and Brooks, ...

Two women--one a wealthy society débutante, the other an elegant call girl--with a remarkable resemblance to one another decide to trade professions and social positions temporarily and see what results from it.

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A Glendiff, en Grande-Bretagne, le 27 septembre 1914, le riche et extravagant monsieur West meurt dans son château.

GW: I’m John Schumm with the Grateful Web and I’ve got Scott Metzger here with me. SM: The record was actually recorded about a year ago. We recorded it, and frankly, I thought it was never going to come out. The timing just seemed right, now, when The Royal Potato Family, which is the label we put it out on, expressed some interest. So we said, ‘what the hell, put it out.’ GW: Why not.

Thanks for taking time out of your evening to chat, Scott. I’ve been listening to it a bunch, all the way through.

It’s an instrumental three piece with drums, bass and you playing a telecaster.

How did you get into the back to the basics approach of plugging directly into the amp? What was your vision when you were putting the album together, how did it come about?

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