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Along with music placements in popular shows like SNL, Game of Thrones, and Friends, his work also includes composing the iconic theme for Turner Classic Movies’. In your process, how did you translate those concepts to song?

His latest release, Musical Brushstrokes, showcases Levin's ubiquitous and unorthodox approach to projects. Well, these are technically not songs because they have no lyrics. In the case of the paintings that included hyperrealism, I responded to the place, animals or character in the painting.

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Online dating helps with finding a compatibility match and weeds out the unsuitable candidates [...] Is online dating the path to marriage?

These days, anyone over 25 has probably had an experience with online dating, but is online dating where to find a mate?

Musical Brush Strokes: Composer Geoff Levin Creates Music From Abstract Art Geoff Levin often welcomes musical experimentation which can be seen throughout his career. In a nutshell, that is how much the music is influenced before I even write a note.

Prior to his current success, he was guitarist for Billboard topping late- 60’s Rock band, and one-third of the Drama-Logue Award-winning musical storytelling band, Celestial, with Geoffrey Lewis. With a painting, there is freedom for me to create whatever I get or feel from the painting.

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