Speed dating odessa

You can enjoy the French cinema in the original language for few days.

You will have an opportunity to watch the debut work of Louis Garrel and a film-winner of the Cannes Festival “Dipan”. The audience awaits two days of non-stop viewing of short films and magical mood.

Results from multilevel analyses demonstrated that, as hypothesized, event characteristics explained mate selectivity only for females.

Specifically, women with a lower facial attractiveness and more deviant body mass index (BMI) values were overall less selective, but this trend was only present in speed-dating events characterized by higher intrasex competition—when females rotated or when other females in the event were more attractive or had healthier BMI.

300-550 UAH The festival with the best French new movies will start in Kyiv in the end of January. The opening movie is “How I became a pianist” – prize-winner of many festivals, and the Ukrainian Festival “Molodist”.

80 UAH At this festival of short films you will see selected works of directors from around the world. 40 UAH Book an apartment for the weekend in Kiev and everything is going to be awesome. One of the most popular Ukrainian group “Tartak” will give a concert and will present a new album and of course play their best songs.

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Der Preis für die Eintrittskarten war jedoch wesentlich teurer.

Durch die Produktion einer Live-CD (beim dänischen Label »Danacord«) wird eine Auswahl der gespielten Werke weltweit verbreitet.

Erhältlich ist außerdem das Festival-Buch »Jenseits des Mainstreams« (Staccato-Verlag).

Ziel ist es, die Aufmerksamkeit des Publikums auf Werke zu lenken, die aus verschiedensten Gründen keinen Eingang in das gängige Klavierrepertoire gefunden haben.

Die »Raritäten der Klaviermusik« bestehen aus acht Konzertabenden, einer Matinee und einer Ausstellung.

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