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Seen by over 100 thousand people in Sao Paulo, the exhibition is now being mounted in Barra Shopping South and will showcase hundreds of items from Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

The Brazilian company 2Share Entertainment will once again produce the exhibition.

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READ MORE“This year is very special as we already have more than 130 cancer survivors registered to run the race.

Elvis' minimal remains one of the most haunting tunes ever committed to vinyl - just a barely existent loping beat and inaudible guitar backs up his soothing croon and unearthly falsetto; even after repeated listenings, it still provokes goosebumps.

** Elvis omits the song's bridge - the optimistic portion of the original lyric -- instead substituting a wordless moan, somewhere in-between the perfect falsetto of Slim Whitman (heard just a few weeks earlier at the Overton Park Shell show) and the lonely cry of a prairie wolf.

READ MORE“Quilts tell stories, and quilt history is full of myths and misinformation as well as heartwarming tales of service and tradition,” said Pam Weeks, who is curating the exhibit along with Marylou (Ashooh) Lazos.

“This exhibit allows us to delve into world history, women’s history, industrial history, and just plain wonderful stories.” READ MOREHeld at the Museum, the program is offered for-credit to juniors and seniors from Londonderry, Manchester, and Exeter high schools.

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