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The first statement came from We Are The In Crowd’s Twitter account, which clarifies some of the confusion resulting from Jardine’s announcement in .However, the band feels that the new record does not accurately represent the essence fans have come to know and love.The band also clarify that this is in fact just a break—not a break-up—and that there is no “dirty laundry” to air out with this decision.Billie Joe Armstrong posted this #TBT photo of his five-year-old self in a recording studio, sharing that he and his Green Day band mates would later hit the same studio 16 years later to record their classic album Dookie.Hopefully, eventually we'll get them into our set when we have some more time or something, like "You've Got It Made" or "All or Nothing." It was different to sing that way again, I liked it. We have ideas, we're starting to come up with certain ideas for writing and stuff like that.

Tay: One of my favorites is "Better Luck Next Time" and I really like the slow songs. Tay: We were just talking about that on the way here! Every year I say I just hope we can grow more and obviously stay the same people and stay grounded and all that. On August 3, 2011 it was announced the album would be titled Best Intentions, with a release date of October 4. On August 20, 2013, they released their new single "Attention".On the December 3, 2013, We Are the In Crowd announced that they would be releasing a new album entitled Weird Kids, set for release on the February 18, 2014.After two new statements posted to Twitter today, we now know that those former members will include Jardine, bassist Mike Ferri and guitarist Cameron Hurley.Jardine is the sole singer moving forward—eliminating former vocalist Jordan Eckes.

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