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The region is the stronghold of the Camorra mafia, which makes billions of pounds a year from drug trafficking, prostitution and the illegal dumping of toxic waste.The syndicate started producing fake euros within days of the currency being introduced into Italy in 2002.Eighty-five-year-old John Berman was a widow when he joined the dating app and met Nancy Guy.She vanished in 2015 but on Thursday authorities caught up with her. Christopher Sengelmann tells local news outlets that Guy, who introduced herself to Berman as Anna Miller, may have victimized other men and urged them to come forward.Showing the couple on holiday in Naples, the US fashion magazine spread was released on Tuesday, after a number of the pictures were leaked online.

The syndicate had even produced a 300 euro note – a denomination that does not exist.

In the summer, the Gulf of Mexico approximately 85 degrees, an ideal temperature for relaxing offshore on a noodle or raft.

Granted, the heat on the beach can seem unbearable between 10am and 2pm each day, but hit the sand in the morning or afternoon and you can spend the rest of your day running errands or exploring different activities that Naples has to offer.

It features a top-floor restaurant, bar and terrace. It has good transport links by bus and metro around Naples city centre.

Large and elegant, rooms at UNA have a contemporary design and air conditioning.

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