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It is essential that they find a safe environment in our homes, in our schools, in our worship communities, and in the general community.

Sexual abuse of a minor is a sin and a criminal act, which causes enormous pain, anger, and confusion.

When such sexual abuse has been committed by a cleric, religious, seminarian, diocesan or parish employee or a diocesan or parish volunteer it also should be reported to the Bishop of Savannah through the Victims Assistance Hotline at (888) 357-5330. In the State of Georgia, persons who, in good faith, report incidents of suspected or known child abuse are exempted from civil or criminal liability. Code 19-7-5) The Diocese/parish will cooperate with investigations by appropriate civil authorities.

In addition, all cases of sexual abuse of a minor committed by Diocesan/parish personnel will be investigated by the Diocese in order to provide the Bishop with the necessary information to determine the appropriate course of action.

I fiercely disagreed: "There's a reason why gay people flock to big cities outside the South," I said. After my sojourns in California, I returned to Georgia feeling something I wasn't expecting: being home. I even missed that dingy gay club that every homo in Savannah got drunk in.

I missed walking in the door and having everyone hug me and fill me in on the latest gossip.

His singles spanned from 20 to 64 years old, a magical world where grandparents have to sneak booze to their 20-year-old partners. The map also didn't adjust for population - ten thousand extra single women means a lot more in Des Moines than in NYC.

I missed the leather guys in Atlanta and the East Atlanta queer scene, the radical drag at Mary's and Heretic, two of Atlanta's alternative gay bars.

Atlanta's kinky, gender-nonconforming queer scene proved to be more evolved than West Hollywood and filled with more political activism than the Castro.

Nathan Deal, who will gleefully sign it into law (Deal made his views of LGBT people very clear during his run for governor in 2010). Georgia's dark history is marked with the legal discrimination of a specific minority group. Several years later, I was sitting in one of Savannah's two gay establishments drinking a whiskey-soda with a friend and discussing the concept of leaving.

In one fell swoop, we will become second-class citizens in our home state. A disco ball hung from the low ceiling, casting light on the faces gathered at the bar — exes, lovers, and friends. My friend said gay people should stay in small towns like Savannah, that the South would only change if we stuck around and moved the social landscape forward. Why should we give them our dollars and our business? Let's leave and let them rot in the detritus of history." I remember saying those words — "the detritus of history." This conversation took place before my attempted relocation to San Francisco, which went badly, then my half-year stay in Los Angeles.

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