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This file once downloaded, must be manually moved to ACT's installation folder and run from there.

Many printers used with a Mac support printing in black and white or grayscale.

TOR is a relay network which aims to increase your online privacy by attempting to anonymize web browsing activity.

This is achieved by distributing your traffic across a series of TOR servers, which obfuscates your IP behind those Tor servers.

Safari and Google Chrome are installed as default web browsers on most mobile devices.

These breaking News alerts on the i OS lock screen are often a mishmash of curious headlines on various topics, and while some users may find those type of stories to be vitally important and love having them pushed to their i Phone or i Pad lock screens, other users may prefer to not have their device screens scattered with miscellaneous headlines of stories they might be disinterested in.

Fortunately it’s easy to stop the News app from pushing those alerts and notifications to your i OS device, thereby stopping all ‘news’ from appearing on the lock screen of an i Pad or i Phone completely.

The CIO of Royal Caribbean explains how artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies are a crucial part of the cruise line's effort to rethink customer experience.

Read this fascinating story for keen insights into digital transformation.

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