Tfs workspace not updating who is chef duff dating

However, if you install the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools Update 2, they come with some basic Power Shell cmdlets for interacting with TFS.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) continues to improve, but one area I’ve struggled recently is performance.

I am a strong proponent of Team Foundation Server and/or Visual Studio Online for version control and work item tracking related to your development projects.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to working with Team Foundation Server using Power Shell.

The culprit may be too many files in a single workspace. Create a separate workspace for each branch you’re working with.I work in a very large codebase that knocks up against the 100,000 file limit with a single branch (yes, that’s a smell of bigger issues).Anyway, here’s two quick TFS performance tips that may help you be more productive.This will lay the groundwork for future posts, where we will dive into TFS, Power Shell, and Dev Ops in more depth, including using Power Shell as part of your automated build and release strategy.For this post, I’m going to assume you know the basics around Team Foundation Server.

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