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I promise that it will be nothing woo-woo – it’s about controlling desire, and about conserving and channeling your sexual “energy” (and related “energy” from attraction and flirting) towards productive ends, like getting more things done. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from everyone about the series – thank you for all of it, both good and bad.

As much as we love getting emails saying “hey, that makes a lot of sense, thanks!

A woman holds her mobile as she walks past a coffee shop in the Saudi capital Riyadh on June 17, 2013.

To beat the segregation imposed by a stern society, young men and women meet through chatting applications available on smartphones.

Thanks to Cameron (who wrote in), you’re going to be seeing more summaries at the beginning of our articles from now on.

Basically, sexual energy and sexual transmutation comes down to: is the modern granddaddy of all theory on sexual energy.

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