Consolidating municipal services

“We may need to rethink the conventional wisdom that forcing municipalities into larger organizations will be more effective, more efficient, and/or less costly,” Caprio and Pfeiffer concluded.“It should also give pause as to whether we should be advocating with uncompromising vigor that consolidation of municipalities is a solution to the state’s high property-tax problem.” The Caprio-Pfeiffer analysis runs directly counter to the arguments advanced by Republican Gov.Chad Goerner, the former Princeton Township mayor who was the driving force behind the successful consolidation of the Princetons — after six previous consolidation attempts failed — has published a new book, “A Tale of Two Tigers,” that describes how it was done, and what more needs to be done to make it easier for municipal mergers to occur elsewhere in New Jersey.Princeton had some built-in advantages that made it a better candidate for consolidation than some other communities.The awarded funds will support local actions to revolutionize and build a new model of local government services at the regional level for the 21 century.The competition builds upon the Governor’s commitment to lower property taxes for the residents of New York State. The first phase will consist of interested local governments submitting an intent to propose form for a chance to become eligible for plan development funding.

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In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Mo., much of the media coverage focused on the geopolitical fragmentation of the St. In some circles, it led to talk of government consolidation, or “big box” government, as a possible solution. This proliferation of small cities has created perverse incentives to bad and abusive governance. "Contiguous territory." A territory of which a portion abuts the boundary of another municipality, including territory separated from the exact boundary of another municipality by a street, road, railroad or highway or by a river or other natural or artificial stream of water. Consolidation or merger may be commenced by one of the following: 1994, Oct. (8) The governmental organization of the consolidated or merged municipality insofar as it concerns elected officers. "Consolidation." The combination of two or more municipalities which results in the termination of the existence of each of the municipalities to be consolidated and the creation of a new municipality which assumes jurisdiction over all of the municipalities which have been terminated. Procedure for consolidation or merger Two or more municipalities may be consolidated or merged into a single municipality, whether within the same or different counties, if each of the municipalities is contiguous to at least one of the other consolidating or merging municipalities and if together the municipalities would form a consolidated or merged municipality. (iii) The assumption, assignment or disposition of existing liabilities of each municipality, either jointly, separately or in certain defined proportions, by separate rates of taxation within each of the constituent municipalities until consolidation or merger becomes effective pursuant to section 738 (relating to effectuation of consolidation or merger). (3) Placed on the ballot by election officials in a manner fairly representing the content of the petition for decision by referendum at the election. "Merger." The combination of two or more municipalities which results in the termination of the existence of all but one of the municipalities to be merged with the surviving municipality absorbing and assuming jurisdiction over the municipalities which have been terminated. (2) Signed by voters comprising 5% of the persons voting for the office of Governor in the last gubernatorial general election in the municipality where the proposal will appear on the ballot.

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