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We mark the ‘male’ or ‘female’ box on forms at banks as automatically as the teller machine spits out cash; we use it as our most rudimentary way of defining the people around us: “That guy in the blue T-shirt”; “This girl I went to school with”.But for people with gender dysphoria – the persistent distress caused by the feeling of being born in the wrong gender – it’s not so simple.

)Does anyone have a running group that they recommend in Perth? Mind you should ask your pace - we run mostly 6ish min km's for the longer runs eg over 20km. NOR = North of River SOR = South of River - you will here this alot when you get to Perth. We at NSRG have runs almost every day and are a very friendly and social group. If you decide to set up camp North of the River meet up with the Northern Suburbs Running Group ( They have interval sessions (Tuesday I think)..bailey and fun runs on Saturday and longer runs Sunday..check out their website its all there..PFLAG (PARENTS, FAMILIES & FRIENDS OF LESBIANS AND GAYS) A community group offering support and understanding for families and friends with loved ones who are GLBTI. 0404 594 699 | Website | Email FREEDOM CENTRE Freedom center provides a safe space, peer support, information, and referrals for LGBTIQ and Questioning young people (under 26).FC Provides a range of services like online forums, training, workshops and a drop in center.Created under the Dangerous Sex Offenders Act, Allens release order stipulated he was not allowed to collect or obtain images of children.The Supreme Court was told that he collected images of children, which were not pornographic, from the internet and by cutting out photographs from magazines and newspapers.

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