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Whether you are young or older, living in Sherbrooke or in the countryside, there is a woman waiting for you.Don't wait any longer and discover our unique services today.From hiding things to spare your feelings to concealing shady business practices, read on to find out wedding planners' best-kept secrets.1. It's not that your friends and family want to rain on your parade. "A best man once left the wedding rings on top of a car, and it drove away," says Alexandra Rembac-Goldberg of Sterling Engagements in Los Angeles, CA."I had to borrow a ring from a local jeweler—the bride didn't realize until long after the ceremony." Other guests, however, don't know how to behave themselves at formal events. Reclining on a purple velvet throne, inside his castle – a sixth-floor office in a grey tower block in central London – Karl Gregory is reeling off some of his favourite statistics. ” He whisks a print-out from a pile of papers on his desk and prods a blurry image in the middle.“517,000 relationships, 92,000 marriages and around a million babies,” he grins. It’s a picture of a customer’s baby scan under the words: “all thanks to”.In one corner is a cluster of Hallmark-red sofas; romantic slogans adorn a board above the photocopier.

One of the main worries of these single men is to find someone who shares the same values in order to establish a stable family life.At the British HQ of the world’s biggest dating agency, every day is Valentine’s Day.The lift doors ping open to reveal a wall plastered in photographs of happy couples – cliché upon cliché of wedding shots, beach scenes, even a pair strolling through a sunflower field.They transform it with a bright sheen of paint, bring in furniture and flowers and, almost immediately, their applicants start to come in.Heather’s Rita Hayworth looks and bold manner - as well as the whole idea of matchmaking for money (initially, the duo have to explain the bureau is not a cover for a brothel) - mean reporters are always keen to write positive stories about the pair and interview couples who have married through the Bureau.

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