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Radiocarbon dating estimates the age of formerly living things by measuring the proportion of carbon-14 isotope in their carbon content.

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For the person who seeks to integrate this data with conservative Christian theology, it is difficult to judge from these sources which new discoveries are important and need to be incorporated into the synthesis, and which are but the artifacts of an overly zealous grant proposal or hidden personal agenda.

Since space does not permit us to construct a fully integrated biblical-scientific model from the data, we will focus the discussion on only one apparent clash between the biblical and scientific models, that regarding the special creation of the first man.fossils had been recovered on the Continent starting in 1856, they were considered to be irrelevant to the discussion because at that time their unique features were viewed as racial variation, not as non- or pre-human differences of evolutionary import The quest for fossil evidence of a common ancestor for apes and man (popularly known as the “missing link”) was taken up by Eugène Dubois, a French anatomist who was inspired by the works of Ernst Haeckel.

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