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As we saw in the previous post, during the era when people went steady they were essentially “playing house” as a pretend married couple.

If and when those relationships ended, both parties walked away with a set of experiences and hopefully, lessons learned.

Hey guys, before we start the show, a warning that on DTR, we talk about adult themes and sexual content. So if you’re listening with kids, maybe put in your headphones? And I think everyone chooses a number like roughly around 7 because 5 would make you seem insecure and 10 would make you seem like an asshole but anyway!

If you ask people to rate themselves — how hot they are — everyone chooses a number.

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We have been conditioned though to accept one version of this scenario — what we’re calling “the Kevin James effect.” That’s when you see a schlubby dude with a hot lady. I promised a post on the important things I learned from dating men before I met my husband.Most importantly, I learned I didn’t want to marry them. One of the problems with hookup culture is that very few people are getting a chance to do relationships with training wheels.That’s what today’s show is about: our numbers and how they affect our relationships.Ok, so right off the bat, I can hear you starting up your computer to write me a strongly worded email, chastising me about how there’s no such thing as objective hotness. [laughs] Part of that could be explained through the golden ratio, so the symmetrical face.

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