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Vodafone too extended bill payment date for postpaid customers and credit facility for prepaid customers in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) only.“To help our customers tide over the demonetization period, Vodafone has extended postpaid bill payment deadline by three days.You can use this map to discover when Fibre broadband is coming to your area.To visit your location just use the search tool, or double click on the map and zoom in.The credit will be provided a service charge of Rs 3 per transaction and will be adjusted in next recharge.It is also providing 30 MB data credit for Rs 10 with a validity of 24 hours.line/eircode lookup to establish whether fibre broadband is currently available to you.If high speed services are not yet live in your area you can view our rollout map to identify the forecasted date.

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Romania’s wild Carpathian Mountains are home to a wealth of elders and artisans who’ve devoted their lives to maintaining ancient Romanian customs and professions.

They’re so revered that the country’s ministry of culture has officially labeled them “Living Human Treasures.”Few knew such a label even existed until last year, when Vodafone hooked the elders up to Facebook and gave today’s audiences direct access to their knowledge.

It is also providing 30 megabyte data credit for Rs10 with a validity of 24 hours.

NEW DELHI: Telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone have relaxed bill payment dates by three days for postpaid accounts following rush at banks due to demonetisation scheme announced by the government.

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