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What distinguishes our business from the competition is that we apply the same level of professionalism to a local move as the major van lines provide to their corporate and government clients, at a significantly lower price.

star has been dating hockey player Nate Thompson for "about a month." She was at the game earlier this week with one of his buddies, cheering him on in the stands as his team took the win over the Edmonton Oilers.

We have been in business since 1992, with experience in the moving industry dating back to the 1960’s.

You can’t afford to lose anything during your office move—and some items may be more of a high-priority during the unpacking phase than others.

If you hire Eager Beaver to help with your moving needs, you can feel confident knowing that we’re going to get everything over for you, and that it will all be in stellar shape when it gets there.

On one hand this means that there are many local Edmonton singles looking for love, yet it can also mean being surrounded by so many options that narrowing the list down to those with similar lifestyles can be difficult.

At Elite Singles we do that job for you, allowing busy single professionalsto romantic dreams and future goals (part of our matchmaking process).

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