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By the way you could use xerces(originally XML4J of IBM, IBM had donated this to APACHE.) from apache. So I guess changing it is worth the trouble Thanks! Non Validating DOMParser.parse(Non Validating Can anyone help me explain why i get this exception. Thanks, Aarthy Hi, Unless you post your XML file,i don't think so one would be able to help you much. Please spare a moment and re-register with a name that meets the requirements. Please note that without a name that complies with the Javaranch naming policy, you will not qualify for any giveaways.Dieser Baum befindet sich im Speicher, und kann dort auch manipuliert werden.Auf diese Weise, kann man ein XML-Dokument relativ leicht verändern.But as far as I know (sorry, I am not a W3C member) itself is not a XML instance.

You can set this in the System Control Panel applet in Windows NT or in your AUTOEXEC. Again, replace the directory if you have installed XML4J in a different directory.All my activity is based on recomendations form Developer documentation, but I get exceptions only after calls to the XML - related methods - from call to the parse XML() - [FATAL ERROR] notes:///__852568180062DD43.nsf/0/AA3F6F7521D40703852568180062E4CE(Body) Line:1 Column:1: Invalid document structure. Parser.parse( at lotus.domino.local. XSLTEngine Impl.process(XSLTEngine at com. XSLProcessor.process( at lotus.domino. Processor.process( at lotus.domino.local. XSL Error: Could not parse file:/notes:///__852568180062DD43.nsf/0/AA3F6F7521D40703852568180062E4CE(Bod y) document! grammar not found Looking at and the way in which it uses the Default Entity Handler's expand System Id function it appears that it expects the schema to be on the file system, and not as in my case wrapped up in a jar file.I've included the code from lines 2036 to 2039 of XMLValidator to illustrate the point.

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