Dating a work aholic

The problem is, this wasn't about jeans—this was about finding a partner. from Stanford, so why couldn't I build a product to make this easier for all the girls out there like me? But we'll get to that later.)Once I matched with a guy, I'd figure out ways to integrate what I call "heavy vetting" into what was supposed to be casual, fun texting.And I didn't have time to spend the whole day shopping anymore. I had a computer-science degree, product experience from Google, and an M. (Sure, it may be awkward, but I had zero desire to go on superfluous coffee dates with someone who turns out to be a backpacker in town for two weeks, a pot-dealer living on his parents' couch, or a sketchy married guy in town for the night.)My screening process was intense.Know the right tools to use, to stay connected with your sweetheart. Or stay connected on an Instant Messenger on your computers.Even without a smartphone, it is easy to keep in touch via SMS.

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If he doesn't catch the hint, don't enable him-- There is a time to be understanding, and there is a time to take a stand.

Work-life balance is perhaps not a term the opposite sex understands much.

And you may be a victim of that phenomenon if you have a girlfriend who is a workaholic.

Try to stop the problem before it becomes a snowball rolling down a hill. You need to bring up the problem with your lover and tell him that you feel he's putting far too much attention on work.

Tell him that you're proud of his accomplishments and you appreciate he takes his career seriously, but that it's important to balance work and home life for the sake of his health and your relationship.

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