Eclipse updating indexes hangs

One problem: my subreport uses the same data as my main report.Right now, it populates its dataset by re-querying the database.DB2 9.7 APAR Fix list contains list of APARs shipped for each fix pack in DB2 Version 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows products.

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I'd like to avoid hitting the database again, and instead use the same dataset in both reports.In fact it's saving paper as it's not printed as a book, and it's even in the Cloud, and if you're logged in you can save it as a pdf - how cool is that It's SCN -it's made for people who love SAP, by people who love SAPFeel welcomed to join in the fun and add your favourite Basis documentation to the list, pay it forward, contribute, share and gain. Links to SAP support notes can be easily created automatically by using the "sapnote" macro:[Note that there are a large number of usage and Software specific security notes and links listed under the other subject.Take credit for your contribution, feel free to put your name or link to your SCN Bio as a prefix to the doco links you add. Also be aware that more and more, SAP software is being deployed where it is exposed outside your corporate firewall.[Jan 2009 - One Post] 2616 numeric overflow while calculating huge numbers [Mar 2005 - 3 Posts] 2616: Numeric overflow occurred during computation.[Apr 2009 - 12 Posts] 2617: NUMERIC OVER FLOW ERROR [Jun 2010 - 3 Posts] 2620 in Stored Procedure using Dynamic SQL [Mar 2009 - One Post] 2631 Transaction ABORTed due to %VSTR [Oct 2011 - One Post] 2631: Transaction ABORTed due to Deadlock - did not retry [Aug 2010 - 3 Posts] 2644, No more room in database DBC [Apr 2006 - 5 Posts] 2644: NO MORE ROOM IN DATA BASE [Nov 2005 - 3 Posts] 32bit ODBC on a Windows 2003 Server 64bit [Mar 2009 - 2 Posts] 3419: TDWM Filter violation for query request: for rule name 'high steps rows limit' [Aug 2013 - 3 Posts] 3504: selected non-aggregate values must be part of the associated group [Mar 2005 - 8 Posts] 3527 error - Format string 'YYYYMMDDHHMISS' has combination of numeric, character and GRAPHIC values [Jul 2006 - 2 Posts] 3535: A character string failed conversion to a numeric value.

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