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Eventually, only one suitor will win a date with the based around three hopeful daters revealing secrets and flaws by opening suitcases filled with truths and shocking facts about themselves, while hoping to secure a date with a fellow singleton.Springer is also host of “The Jerry Springer Show,” now in its 24th season.University of Connecticut junior Brian Eilers didn't care that Annalise Lenihan usually goes home from a bar with someone other than the guy she came with.Contestants were chosen following a casting call, according to Jade Mills, a producer for the show.

Her partner hopefuls are Anthony Ferguson, psychology major; Kyle Ruhe, business major and basketball player; and Francisco Garcia, chemical engineering major.Eventually, only one suitor will win a date with the contestant, as long as that person can also accept the contestant’s baggage in a final role-reversal round. This morning, I was delighted to find out that “Baggage,” a show referenced on last night’s episode of “Girls” which I assumed to be fake because it sounds so amazingly ridiculous, is, in fact, A REAL THING.Outlaw will eliminate one of her potential dates based solely on what’s in his baggage, and then choose between the two remaining based on the final secrets they reveal.But a secret about Outlaw will also come out before the show’s end.

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