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It has done very little to raise awareness of trafficking abuses or to develop laws and establish programs that simultaneously combat trafficking, punish traffickers, and provide effective protection for trafficking victims--mostly women migrants. Because I did not have papers, the court gave me three months [suspended sentence and immediate deportation] and told me I could not return to Greece for five years.In its first annual "Trafficking in Persons" report, issued in July 2001, the United States State Department gave Greece its lowest rating for compliance with a set minimum standards for combating trafficking and protecting trafficking victims. The police came and arrested all of us women and brought us to a small prison. The women were from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, not from Africa really. Marjana was in Korydallos in November 2000 serving a two-month sentence for re-entering Greece with her husband and child before the five-year waiting period had expired.During our study of the ancient Greeks, students will see the importance of studying this fascinating and important culture, both as it relates to history and to our own day.Throughout the term, you will participate in weekly discussions and take nine quizzes and two exams.Greek news agency ANA said the arson began because of fighting between different nationalities in the camp, while Athens-based newspaper Kathimerini said the fires were lit after rumours circulated that refugee deportations to Turkey were being planned.Desperate journeys: 3,034 refugees die in seven months "Between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants fled the camp of Moria," to the surrounding fields, with firefighters being hampered by strong winds that fanned the flames, the police source said.Thousands of people were forced to flee to safety on Monday after a fire, set on purpose according to police, tore through a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.No casualties were reported but tents at the Moria camp were "almost entirely destroyed" and containers that provide additional accommodation and health and registration services were damaged, a police source in Athens told AFP.

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But they are unable to do so after several eastern European and Balkan states shut their borders earlier this year.

Welcome to CAMS 025: Greek Civilization on the Web!

This course gives students an overview of Greek cultural, political, and social history.

Police were sent out after the migrants and were in the process of returning them to the camp, the officer added.

The officer said there was "no doubt" that the fire had been set on purpose by those inside.

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