Rss feeds not updating in firefox

Copy in the key from above as the name, and then set the default value to 1800, which is 30 minutes in seconds.

You can always manually right-click on the bookmark and choose Reload Live Bookmark, but that’s hardly efficient if you have dozens of feeds firefox, the feed appears to work now, which it didn't earlier today, possibly before i added the ? I just checked my test site and activated 3.5.3 and it works fine in IE8.Interesting, your site shows with a 'reader' option in Safari 5.1 on the mac while my site shows the RSS option. however, i did notice that in firefox, although the feed appeared to work, the most recent two posts were the only ones showing up. so, i changed the older ones to draft mode and tried again, and presto.Although many seasoned RSS users have a standalone RSS reader of choice, many people use Firefox to read their RSS feeds.Besides the standard Live Bookmark feature, there are several more advanced RSS addons for Firefox out there, some of them being developed for years now.

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