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On this page you can find good advice from the experts about how to file your application.Included on this page is the following information about translations: “Please submit certified translations for all foreign language documents.Unfortunately, the transfer-based systems available today are not easy to use for anyone outside the computational linguistics field.This thesis presents a transfer-based system that is easy to use for ordinary linguists.One significant change from the law as it applied before the operation of these measures is that foreign currency denominated liabilities on capital account are translated into Australian dollars (on a realisation basis) without the need for actual conversion into Australian currency.The forex measures (including the general translation rule) apply to all taxpayers.Any text that is not a template pattern is simply copied verbatim.

$format: (optional) If $type is 'custom', a PHP date format string suitable for input to date().

Low-resource languages have largely been left out of the machine translation revolution.

Speakers would benefit from machine translation for many different tasks if it were available.

It is linguist-friendly because a central component is the intuitive application Fieldworks Language Explorer.

This application serves as the repository for lexicons, the place where entries are linked and the tool for the analysis piece of the analysis-transfer-synthesis-style system.

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