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“The shame and general all-round awkwardness of having to profess your love to someone that you, well, don’t really love, is a dreaded realisation that many only open their eyes to at the very last moment.“Add to that the fear of having to make – or receive – a proposal, and many will gladly choose the lesser of the two evils and hammer the final nail in the coffin before the situation gets any worse.” And for those that do let their partner down this Red Tuesday, 55% elect to do so face-to-face.

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The fully-managed cloud service proposed and delivered by IT Corporation provided all the functionality we required on a cost-efficient basis.

However, that leaves 28% who could only muster the courage to end things over the phone, with 12% breaking up via text and instant messaging (presumably with a lot of sad emojis), with the remaining 5% proving that you only need 140 characters to break someone’s heart; they killed it off on social media.

NOTES TO EDITOR Illicit is the UK’s leading dating website for married people and the leading authority on infidelity.

Entrepreneurs: Take A Tax-Deductible Road Trip Or Long Vacation Is extensive travel one of your unfulfilled dreams?

For years, my husband and I had talked about taking a grand tour of the U. and Canada, visiting well-known cities and viewing glorious landscapes.

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