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Have you ever wished you had a way to watch them in the dressing rooms while they try on new outfits, while they undress? Well, this guy found a way to do just that - at a price. When was Louise going to tell her she could take her break? Come on, Weezie, I gotta get out of here for a little while or I'll go nuts! She stretched her legs in front of her and bumped her heels up and down on the floor. The friends she used to hang out with here would come by to visit sometimes, and that was fun. 'Course, it's always possible that he was here checking her out, too.

That was one part of the job she didn't mind, teasing the pervs who hung out at the mall. She knew she had a killer bod and always wore stuff that was sure to give them something to drool over when they jerked off at night thinking about her -- tight blouses, short skirts, things like that.

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