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There is the appearance of some sex acts on the screen presented in a couple voyeuristic contexts, but I think the target was a much deeper appeal: a whole world driven by insatiable, conventionally deviant female sex drive.

The writer had previously cashed in with this idea and Hollywood chose to try again but with a real director. It is bicameral, both halves based on prototypical themes.

Lora Aspiotis, a friend of Linehan and fellow stripper at the Great Alaskan Bush Company club, told jurors that they went to see The Last Seduction together a few months before Leppink's death.

Chris Rock, Steven Seagal and Tom Cruise were among those Pellicano was accused of prying on, and Rock was called to testify at his star-studded trial, which resulted in his conviction in August (08).

Fiorentino has reportedly been interested in the case for a number of years, and contacted Pellicano's wife as early as 2005, in a bid to secure the movie rights. news website Congressional Quarterly has quoted anonymous sources who allege Rossini agreed to confess his crime and resign, in return for misdemeanour charges, which will help him avoid a stiffer sentence.

Agent Mark Rossini has been charged with five misdemeanour counts of illegally accessing FBI computers, during a six-month period in 2007, and has resigned.

According to the New York Post, Fiorentino, 50 - who has been dating Rossini for two years - is writing a screenplay about Pellicano, who has was convicted this summer (08) of using illegal wire taps to find out information about Hollywood stars.

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