Gong yoo dating im soo jung

Namun, jika kelak ia sudah menemukan wanita yang tepat dan mantap melangkah ke pelaminan, Gong Yoo telah berjanji kepada para penggemar untuk memberi tahu mereka terlebih dulu mengenai kabar baik itu.Hal ini ia utarakan sendiri dalam salah satu beberapa waktu lalu. The drama that I have watched and actually made me love his character is the new high rate drama "Goblin" well my opinion towards the drama is that it's funny, interesting, inspiring and romantic ( all kdrama fans are interested in romantic) well I will say no more but to wish Gong Yoo a wonderful future and hope that someday he would get married soon!!! I have always wanted to send u a msg ..i am an Indian(Kerala) girl.. I love you but i really hate to watch sad and dark movie. I feel like he's moving into deeper, darker waters. I am also hoping he will make another TV drama with Yoon Eun Hye coz they are so adorable together.... I just watched Gong Yoo and Suzy Bae comercial Domino Pizza on 2013. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad and because the weather was good enough. I really fell inlove with this man in every word he uttered saying this heart fluttering statement. Coffee Prince is my favorite after all ;) saranghae Gong Yoo is an amazing actor, of course I haven't watched all of the dramas and movies that Gong Yoo have acted, but I will soon very soon. stay handsome and hot by the way hihi~ Hi Gong Yoo... I want someone who matched your acting and age as well no big age gap like Ji sung and Hyeri drama lol . Looking forward for your new drama with Writer Kim Eun Sook. Rinse, repeat kinda deal with different settings and different people. Plus it's just as enjoyable to see what path he gravitates towards on his own. Please support Gong Yoo at all times so he can continuously help others in need specially the children....On the episode of the drama on the 18th, Gil Da-ran (Lee Min-jeong) had a wedding photo shoot with Kang Kyeongjoon possessing the body of Seo Yoonjae who, as she found out, was planning on leaving her.When she said that this was so that she could leave a memory with Seo Yoonjae, Kang Kyeongjoon was offended and kissed her to leave her a memory of him.Jika dalam drama diceritakan demikian, apakah dalam kehidupan nyata Gong Yoo juga telah berencana untuk segera menikah?

Sebelumnya ia pernah menjalani hubungan asmara dengan seorang artis cantik bernama Im Soo Jung. Now that he has fans in all age levels from the teens to the 50s, Gong Yoo appears as nineteen-year-old Kang Kyeongjoon soon.Source Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung looked like a real newlywed couple, enjoying grocery shopping together. Ngày 24/10, đại diện công ty quản lý của Gong Yoo cho biết: "Gần đây, có nhiều tin đồn về việc Gong Yoo và Lim Soo Jung làm đám cưới bí mật lan truyền trên các trang web. Trong khi đó, người trong cuộc – Gong Yoo – lập tức lên tiếng về những tin đồn thất thiệt xung quanh đám cưới của anh.

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