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In Florida, where I live, there's no such requirement for these types of restrictions.I'm just curious, is this some sort requirement in Massachusetts that the ex-spouse can impose background checks and restrict access to their kids by their ex-spouse's significant other during the time the dating spouse has custody? I'm not aware of any law that would allow an ex-spouse to impose such conditions on a guest of the custodial parent.

As always with custody matters, you want to be acutely aware of what is in the best interest of the child and avoid giving the non-custodial spouse ammunition for a future challenge to the custody arrangements.Stay positive, embrace the adventure, expect a few disappointments, and see your life as an unfolding story, one that will be worth telling. Keep an open mind, take a few deeps breaths, and go easy on yourself.If you realize, mid-date, that you’re not ready to date, you can give yourself more time before pursuing anything further.You’ll need their shoulders to cry on, and their wisdom and listening ears to help you navigate this exciting new chapter. With the life changes you’ve gone through, make sure you’re taking the time to focus on you. Dress in a way that makes you feel good about what you see in the mirror.Switch up your daily routine so you’re not stuck in past patterns and ruts by default, and choose to surround yourself with the people and things that inspire you.

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