Application screenupdating access

This article, I will talk about some methods to protect the pivot table in worksheet.

Protect pivot table with VBA code Protect pivot table but allow access to the slicer Sub Restrict Pivot Table() 'Updateby Extendoffice 20161026 Dim xpf As Pivot Field Application.

This can produce unexpected results if the expression is a string.For example, if you type ="String1" for this argument, Access first evaluates the expression as String1.Then it uses String1 as the expression in this argument, expecting to find a control or property named String1 on the form or report that called the macro.Screen Updating = False PBILocal Set Target = Workbooks. Name = "PBI_Main" Then bool Found = True Exit For End If Next WS If bool Found = True Then Exit Sub Else This Workbook.

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